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The first diamond blade that successfully cuts metal twice as fast as an abrasive blade, and lasts up to 70 times longer!


The Americut Dragon Blade is a Supreme Quality Combo Blade Designed for MAXIMUM Life on All Applications.

Dragon Supreme

The Americut Dragon Supreme is the BIG Brother to our Dragon Blade. Utilizing a 15mm Double Laser Welded Segment and Diamond Alignment Technology, the Dragon Provides Unmatched Speed and Life in a Multi-Purpose Blade. The Best Blade on the Market Today!

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Super G

This is our best selling multi-purpose blade. It cuts all listed material with maximum life and performance.

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Superblade Extreme

This extremely versatile blade will cut everything exceptionally well. Unique segment design reduces vibration & results in a quicker, smoother cut. Drop segment for undercut protection on soft/abrasive materials

Superblade G3

This is our signature blade designed to lower your cost per cut. Aggressive performance with maximum life.

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The unique W-Shaped segment delivers a fast and aggressive cut on concrete, reinforced concrete, reinforced concrete pipe, brick, block & stone. Engineered cobalt steel core prevents any heat related warping or wobbling. A great blade for all contractors!

Tyrolit Basic

UNV= Universal Arbor (1" & 20mm). Aluminum oxide grain, designed for all ferrous metals including structural steel, angle iron, and rebar. A free cutting wheel with exceptional cut rate, and a very good life. Triple-reinforced for stability and safety.

Viper Supreme Turbo

The unique split segmented design and oversized cooling holes results in the fastest cutting speed on the hardest of materials. With 48 segments, it delivers maximum cutting speed with a smooth cut

Wolverine Supreme

Our best quality blade in the Wolverine line. Designed for maximum performance on asphalt and green concrete. Provides a combination of both life and speed!

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