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Scott Pennell

Founder / Sales Representative

Scott Pennell is a North Carolina native, born and raised in Statesville. He has been happily married for over 20 plus years and has 3 beautiful daughters and one granddaughter. He and his family currently reside in Mooresville where they have since 1998. Scott enjoys attending church, playing golf, riding motorcycles and spending quality time with his family. He and his wife Stephanie enjoy quiet dinners with family, colleagues and friends.

Scott has been working with top manufacturers in the construction equipment and rental industries as an (IMR) Independent Manufacturer Representative since 1995. Prior to becoming an IMR for the past 26 plus years he was national sales manager for Lay-Mor manufacturing from 1993-1995. His duties included working with the company IMR’s throughout the United States and Canada., doing training, demoing equipment and setting up distributors. Scott has always taken pride and ownership in all the equipment lines he represents to his customers.

Scott shares his expertise on equipment and industry knowledge with customers in their specific regions as well as greenfield startups. He enjoys consulting about current and new products, industry innovation, market trends, maintaining product life, rental rates and the resale of aged fleet.

After the many years of demoing, sales & service trainings as well as the cleaning and service maintenance procedures, he still tows and shows to this day. He will assist with trouble shooting any piece of equipment at any time and even help fix it when possible.

When starting (BESI) Bulldog Equipment Sales Inc in late 2019 he knew there needed to be a name that reflected his drive, motivation, work ethic and personality. Bulldog was his childhood nickname that has followed him into adulthood, so his wife suggested that be the name of the company. She said that bulldogs are dependable, predictable, family oriented and very loyal. They are very social and always seeking human interaction.

For the best quality, service, reliability and dependability make BESI your choice for sourcing equipment.


Scott Pennell
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