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Oztec Gas Power Units

Powerful, portable and reliable?Oztec gas power units, provide ultimate and immediate adaptability on the job. Utilizing rugged and dependable Honda gasoline engines, coupled to our "speed-up" transmission, vibrator heads develop 12,000 vpm and never drop below 10,000vpm...Even in the heaviest low slump concrete loads. (Tested in near 0 slump concrete). This 10,000 - 12,000vpm range is essential for high-quality concrete.

Direct drive units "scream", have short lives and usually drop below 10,000vpm when the head is immersed in concrete).

Two powerful Backpack Models:
Mounted on very comfortable frames, OZTEC backpacks BP-35 and BP-50a allow operators incredible maneuverability around the job. Run time with full tank approximately 1 hour plus.

Oztec Gas Power Units

BP-35 Runs heads up to 1 ?" diameter. Honda 1 3/4 HP,
4 stroke, Weight 22lbs.
BP-45 Runs heads up to 2" diameter. Honda 2 HP, 4 stroke
Weight 23 3/4 lbs.
BP-50a Runs heads up to 2 ?" diameter. Honda 2 ? HP,
4 stroke, Weight 29lbs. The BP-50a is equipped with a totally enclosed rotary throttle and a conveniently located kill switch on the same handle.

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