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Oztec "High Efficiency RubberHeadTM"

Epoxy coated rebar presents a particularly troublesome problem. Steel heads act like an electric hammer, striking any rebar or forms they contact, over 10,000 times per minute, with a force from hundreds to over 2,000 pounds per blow. Contact with a steel vibrator head of as little as one second can chip enough coating to subject the steel to deep rust. Oztec's patented High Efficiency ""RubberHeadTM"" vibrator head not only meets DOT non-metal head specifications for protecting coated rebar and expensive forms, but exhibit some very special and unique properties. The High Efficiency ""RubberHeadTM"" urethane dimpled construction sends strong shock waves off the entire length of the head, with a larger radius of action, producing denser concrete with less voids to patch.

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Oztec Heavy Duty Rebar ShakerTM

The Most Efficient & Cost Effective Way To Vibrate ALL Types of Concrete In Walls or Columns. Has successfully consolidated concrete on 1 3/8" rebar in lengths up to 60 feet in general application. For specific or unusual project situations or when rebar heavier than 1 3/4" is required

Oztec Short RubberHeadTM for Tilt-Up Construction

Produces strong uniform shock waves the entire length of the head

Short Heads remain fully submerged - Prevents overheating

Vertical position sends out horizontal shock waves - Prevents churning

Urethane cover - Prevents damage to finished surfaces

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Oztec Standard Rebar ShakerTM

Eliminate the time and mess of lowering a concrete vibrator into a cell containing a rebar and filled with grout. The splashes caused by the withdrawal of the vibrator are slippery, dangerous and time consuming to cleanup.

The Rebar ShakerTM simply slipped over the top of the rebar, vibrates and consolidates grout in 5 to 7 seconds.

Tremendous savings in man-hours, from filling and refilling cells, clean-up and lost time due to injury from slips and falls are realized through the use of the Rebar ShakerTM.

No human errors such as skipping cells and poor vibrating techniques (i.e. not letting vibrator touch the bottom or withdrawing to fast), which result in poor consolidation and a weak bond between the rebar and the grout.

Oztec Steel Heads

Mild Vibration Pencil Head - High frequency, low amplitude. (For fill-cell block use; to prevent blowouts).

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