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Progress Solar Light Tower (SLT)

Progress Solar™ Light Towers provide high-intensity, bright white, LED lighting. Each model offers two independent solar off-grid systems that are equipped with high quality solar power arrays (700 to 1400 Watt options); high-lumen LED floodlights; and long-life, deep-cycle AGM batteries.

The light tower is fully adjustable from 8-23 ft in height. Lights can be tilted up/down and rotated individually, and the mast can be rotated.

We feature shatter resistant solid state components that are rated IP67
or greater. Our LED lights run up to 5x longer between changes than metal halide lights.

Lights can be timer-controlled, run via photocell, or operated manually. Our systems are housed in an industrial quality portable trailer that can be easily towed to the destination.

Model Designations: SLT700, SLT800, SLT1000, SLT1200, SLT1400

Progress Solar Light Tower (SLT)


Mobile and independent 24V off-grid solar system on a single customizable trailer
800 amp hours of battery storage
Light timers and photocell for managing lights
50K+ Lumen of LED Light
Ruggedized unit protection
23' all vertical mast
Easy, one person setup, takedown, and transport
Ball or lunette ring for towing
Battery state-of-charge meter
Patented solar wing configuration
Tie downs for shipping
Forklift guides
AGM no maintenance batteries
A/C charging - 110 AC or 220V AC
Jack on tow bar for easy maneuverability
4 Stabilization outriggers with jacks

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