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Power Cubes

Progress Solar™ Power Cubes™ are solar hybrid off-grid generators that can be tailored to a range of power generation challenges. From powering remote buildings, power tools, or electric vehicle (EV) charging; our patented technology provides flexibility to ensure reliable power when and where it is needed.  

Power Cubes

In a single trailer we can output 2.2kW to 4kW of high quality A/C power.  Using multiple interconnected trailers we can output 8kW, 12kW, and 17.2kW.  This mobile off-grid power can replace your current generator and save you big money in fuel and maintenance costs each month.

Using the interconnection of multiple Power Cube units, Progress Solar Solutions provides power the US Border Patrol in a remote location on the US & Mexico border.  We can design a solution for you. 

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