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SK 212 G

The all-rounder in daily business; the new GIANT skid steers
Whether it concerns gardening, construction & demolition, farmers,  poultry farms, municipalities or anyone who maintains roads and paths: a skid steer loader cleans, sweeps and demolishes!

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SK 252 D

Giant has expanded its product range with the SK-series stand-on mini-skidsteer. This machine is powered by a strong 3 cylinder 25 HP Kubota diesel engine. The machine is driven by 4 heavy duty hydraulic wheel motors and turns on a dime! The SK-series mini-skid comes standard with an adjustable hip bracket, a double acting hydraulic function, cast iron counter weights and a universal mini-skid attachment plate (not pictured). This head-turner gets the job done quick and easy for customers in landscaping, agriculture, tree care, construction and more. This machine is equipped with a universal mini-skid attachment plate.

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