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With all the features of the G5000, the G5000 TELE provides additional reach and lift height to get the job done. The Giant G5000 is equipped with a strong 4 cylinder 75 HP turbo charged Kubota diesel engine with a catalyst (DOC) and particulate filter (DPF). This machine features a standard 2-speed gearbox and heavy planetary final drives that deliver a high pulling force, quick acceleration and a top speed of 12.4 mph. An optional additional 2-speed gearbox provides extra pulling force and a travel speed up to 21.6 mph. The Giant G5000 TELE can be equipped with an optional heated cab with AC, that offers a spacious and comfortable working environment. The telescoping boom provides a pin height of 171.3″. Available high flow hydraulics, a large choice of tire options and optional traffic lights make this machine a great fit for fertilizer operations, snow removal purposes, landscaping, construction or farming. This machine comes standard with a universal full size SSL plate and hydraulic quick attach.


G5000 TELE

75 hp (Kubota)

Service weight
10,140 lbs

Lifting height
171.3 in.

Tipping load
see table

Working hydraulics
21.1 GPM
(optional: 31.7 GPM)

Max. speed
12.4 mp/h

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