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Americut Bevel

Americut Bevel Blades are sold in pairs with each blade having a 45 degree angle, and the total width of cut listed next to the size shown, in (parenthesis). Diamond depth varies based on quality grade, thickness, and angle thickness. Our Bevel Blades can be redressed to maintain chamfer for angle.

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Americut Looping

Our Americut Looping Blades are used for installation of loop detectors at traffic lights and parking lots, for creation of expansion joints in concrete and asphalt surfaces.

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Americut Pro Series

Our PRO SERIES blades are engineered with a patterned design for maximum performance. Other thicknesses available upon request.

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Americut SuperPro Series

Our SUPER-PRO SERIES blades are specifically engineered for your cutting needs, with a patterned design for maximum performance. They are available in 5 different bonds depending on your aggregate (Soft, Medium Soft, Medium, Medium Hard, Hard). You can view our Aggregate Map under the Company Info Tab.

Hydraulic Hand Saw

Our Hydraulic Hand Saw Blades are Engineered to Maximize Performance. Bonded for Either Hard Reinforced Concrete (BBM), or Typical Concrete and Masonry Materials (COA). The Core has a 1" Arbor & Flush Mounts Standard.

Ring Saw

Our Americut Ring Saw Blades are Designed to be Compatible with all Ring Saws. Comes in 2 Different Thickness' .165 and .220 (same thickness as diamond chains) Rollers Come Standard with Each Blade.

Split Segment Wall Saw Blade

The design of our Split Segment Wall Saw Blades provide for high-speed cutting, and longer life, to lower your overall cost per cut. These blades get the job done fast and efficiently. Additional sizes available up to 79"

Supreme Overlay

Our Americut Supreme Overlay Blades are Engineered for Maximum Performance, Combining Both Life and Speed. Designed for 35hp - 75hp Walk Behind Saws. Recessed Segments Combined with Tungsten Kickers Prevent Undercutting.

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