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Single Drum Roller BW 145 D-5: The Compact Class

The compact class. Lighter models with a big performance.
All construction projects have one thing in common: they require load-bearing subsoil. Which is why single drum rollers play a crucial part in the construction process. Specifications, however, are highly diverse. A contractor working next to a listed house has to use an entirely different compaction method to that used in conventional road construction. BOMAG offers a wide range of single drum rollers for every type of work.
BW 124, 145 and 177-5: Compact, maneuverable, versatile. Our single drum rollers in the three to eight tonne weight class are the perfect choice for small to medium-sized sites.

Single Drum Roller BW 145 D-5: The Compact Class

Self locking differential
Rear axle with twin spring accumulator brakes
Hydrostatic travel and vibration drive
Hydrostatic articulated steering
Articulated joint lock
Warning, information and operation displays
Single lever control for travel and vibration
Emergency STOP
Warning horn
Back-up warning system
1 Scrapers

Emission stage TIER4f
Weight 10,472 lb
Performance 74.3 hp

* ROPS cabin with seat belts
ROPS/FOPS with safety belt
Indicator and hazard lights
Rotary beacon
Rearview camera
Air condition
Sliding window
Radio (Bluetooth)
Printer for TERRAMETER
Special painting
Reversing alarm buzzer with broad band audio
Padfoot segment kit
2 Contact scrapers
Environmentally compliant hydraulic oil
Tractor tires
LED Working lights (Cabin)
Comfort package
* Standard delivery with CE conformity (valid within European Union)

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